Fund transfer

Convenient Optional Billing Processes

Many insurance companies offer a range of optional billing practices, which A.T. Matthews and Dier will be happy to help you use.

When you have questions or need assistance, contact us and our great team of professionals will take care of you.

EFT and Credit Card Payments

A popular payment option is EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). It takes systematic withdrawals from your checking or savings account. You can set this up on your own or ask us for help.

Paying by credit card is also an option that can be utilized for a “one-time” type of transaction. Some firms may allow systematic (monthly) charges to be taken from a credit card account, as well.

Go directly to your insurance provider's website to set up your payment options or contact our office for additional information. Please see our list for some easy-to-use links to many insurance providers.

You also can bring your check to our office at 636 Coffeen Street. We'll contact the carrier to let them know that the payment has been received.


Change in Policy Regarding Cancellations

You should be aware of a change in the procedure involving the “Official New York Notice of Cancellation” and how our agency will follow up on the notice generated from the insurance carrier as a result of “non-payment of premium.”

As of January 1, 2015, we are no longer sending any additional reminders via mail in the form of a letter in support of that “official notice.”

In the past, customers received additional correspondence on agency letterhead as a reminder that coverage would cease if payment was not made by a specified date as stated on the “official notice.” That additional notice is no longer made.

You will still be receiving your regular billing notice directly from the insurance company and all other official documents as required by your carrier. This change affects how the agency responds only to the “Official New York Notice of Cancellation” and does not alter any New York State Insurance Department regulations.

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